Storyflex is David Fuller, video journalist, filmmaker and storyteller.

We make sense of the world through stories. Every company, charity, individual or event has a story behind it. The art of video production is really the art of storytelling.

While video cameras and editing software are cheaper than ever before – the art of storytelling cannot be bought so easily – it has to be developed.

This is where Storyflex comes in. I’ve developed my storytelling skills over ten years creating television for the most demanding broadcasters in the world including Channel 4 and the BBC.

As a video journalist, I am used to working extremely quickly, thinking on my feet, and finding the perfect angle and treatment to tell an engaging story.

I’ve won industry awards up to and including the UK’s highest honours – the Royal Television Society (RTS) awards. In addition I have created films for major international companies, political parties and public bodies. These include, Casio, DLA Piper, the Labour Party, the Campaign Company, the Avaaz charity, Sagatiba and many more.

I have covered every subject imaginable, generating creative ideas, scripting, shooting and editing – all to strict deadlines and at low cost.

Take a look at the site, and get in touch so we can work together in telling your story.

If you wish to talk through an idea, or to get any more information on the services we offer – get in touch at

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