Every film is different, we use our experience to help you identify the message that needs to be conveyed, and then find a style appropriate to that message. This is a small selection of the videos made for our business and charity clients.

For the pharmaceutical multinational UCB, we made this graphics-heavy film breaking down the process of drug discovery. This film is a short sample of the film demonstrating the style.

For the company Bruin Point, we created a fully animated investor film – enticing people to invest in their new Helium mining business by conveying complex and technical information in a concise and compelling way.

For a campaign by the international campaigning charity Avaaz we produced a compelling and moving film highlighting the human impact of forced disappearances in Syria.

Recently we travelled to the Douro Valley in Portugal, to tell the tale of the Douro Boys, winemakers who are reinventing a classic wine region from the ground up.

For the leading international law firm DLA Piper, on behalf of their communications agency Beagle Media, we produced an internal communications film designed to introduce a new executive to the people he would be working with.

In addition we have made films for, among others:

The Labour Party
Barnsley Primary Care Trust
Cumbria Primary Health Care Trust
Barking and Dagenham Council
Havering Council