“A tribe is a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader, and connected to an idea.” Seth Godin

If you are looking to make a crowdfunding video, it helps to think of it as trying to create a tribe. You need to sketch out a powerful vision (in under five minutes!) and inspire people to follow you (donate). We have had a great deal of success making pitch videos for companies that have significantly overshot their funding targets.

Here are a few examples of different crowdfunding projects I’ve made some for the Crowdcube site.

For the Crowdcube campaign for Molecular Warehouse, we made a film with a combination of filmed segments and animation, to explain a complex project and entice investors to join a revolution in healthcare. They were aiming to raise £300,000 and made £737,000.

For the Atlantic Kitchen we produced a short video introducing the founders and their business – prepared seaweed products. Atlantic Kitchen’s Crowdcube target was £90,000 – and with the help of this video they raised over £120,000.

Also for Crowdcube we made this pitch video for Forest Futures. Using a combination of animation, live action and talking heads we explained a complex topic – Carbon Credits, simply and engagingly.

For the Halfwine mail order wine business, we made a video to introduce the concept of their business and launch their appeal to raise £30,000 investment.